Fresh start!

It’s a beautiful morning. There is a lot to get done around the house today, but I’m taking some time to just enjoy the peace and quiet. I decided to get back into blogging. I haven’t done this in forever. I miss it!

My husband is at work, my youngest son is also at work and my daughter is sound asleep. I’m letting her sleep in this morning. She had a very busy day yesterday. She’s resting away and the dogs are the only ones keeping me company this morning. Oh wait. No, they’re sleeping, too! LOL


We are going through everything in the house and getting ready to move. We have so much to get done. I feel overwhelmed at times. We don’t have a set day to move, so we’re going through everything and weeding through as we can. My decluttering and cleaning has been put on hold as my hubby has a terrible sinus infection turned chest cold. We’re in limbo, for the moment.


My son, Chris, may be moving back home. We’ve been praying for this, so we’re hoping it will happen. He’s not taking care of himself. His girlfriend, a source of contention with us, is not taking care of him and he’s sick as a dog. He has the same symptoms my husband has. I’d like for him to come home, even for a day, so he can rest. I can’t fix it for him, but I really wish he would take care of himself. KIDS! LOL


We’ve been weighing the option of buying a motor home or travel trailer to use when we move. I’d like to get a travel trailer, but hubby says he’s not sure if we’ll be able to afford it. My thinking is that we could live in it while we’re in trying to find a home to rent or buy. We’re still kicking around ideas.

The last few days have been a bit of a blur, as I’ve been helping my hubby take chamomile tea treatments, over-the-counter meds and warm compresses. Chamomile tea treatments were introduced to me by a Swedish doctor, who knew I was unable to pay for a hospital bill. I went to an urgent care clinic so sick I could barely stand up. He prescribed Levaquin and chamomile tea treatments.


It’s fairly simple. You heat up some water and pour it a bowl that has 4-6 chamomile tea bags in it. Cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl (having the bowl and your head under the towel)  Breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose 10 times. Then reverse it and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Stay under the “tent” for 15 minutes, alternating breathing in through your nose and mouth. Do this at least  3-4 times a day. I do it more often when I’m battling a chest cold because it is so powerful and works almost as well as antibiotics!

We’ve been doing our best to get hubby over this crud, so he can get back to work. He’s currently working on a bathroom remodel for a couple who live out in the sticks! He’s working about 30 minutes out of civilization as we know it. He called me a little bit ago to tell me he has a flat tire. He’s going to wait until later and air it up and then try to drive into town. If he is unable to, I will have to drive out to help him. I’m okay with that. I love long drives in the country. 😉


I’m so glad I discovered the privacy settings on here. I can now have my friends on my blog and not worry about trolls! I’m so glad I have a blog again!


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