Random thoughts

Woke up this morning from a dream and I was WIRED! It was a God dream. I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately about famines and starving. I’ve had a feeling for a long time that we’re going to face a famine right here in our country. It’s been on my heart and I’ve prayed about it and I believe that God will provide for His children. I dreamed that there was food on the ground and I was outside gathering it up. The Lord had placed wheat, almonds and other food on the ground. It was an awesome dream.


The rest of the day was interesting, to say the least. The enemy came in like a flood. It started with a text message from someone I did not want to talk to, but had to out of necessity and progressed from there. It was a rough day and lasted until I claimed, “Do over!” Do overs are a simple way to declare that things have gone terribly wrong and you’re reacting in a way you don’t want to and you simply want a “do over”. You want to start over.


Hubby took me a Mexican restaurant for dinner and before we went in, I said, “Can we please just have a do over? Can we just all forgive each other and start from scratch?” We had been bickering a little bit over things that were silly and petty. We agreed and, after proper apologies, we went in and ate. I like do overs.


Some random thoughts running through my mind…………..


I’ve been thinking about making these beautiful drawings that are similar to zentangles, but aren’t exactly. They’re just drawings and they are so pretty. My daughter does them and I have considered doing them to relieve stress.


Wondering if my older son will EVER grow up. I love him awful, as the old saying goes, but he drives me up a tree! LOL  He left the water on to fill the pool and I think he flooded the backyard. He left after he turned the water on.


I’ve been asked about making various items for money. I want to, but I’m not sure that I know how to make these things or that I can make them quickly enough. I’m overloaded with a lot of things that I want to make for myself. Maybe I should just concentrate on that and set my friend up with another friend who can make them quickly and more efficiently than I could. I don’t know. Still thinking and praying about it.


I’ve been invited to learn how to sew. I haven’t sewn much. I made a few quilts, and I do mean FEW, but I haven’t made a lot from patterns. I am just not good at figuring out patterns. I have no idea what I’m doing or about cross grain and all of those fancy terms. I want to learn, but not sure how good I’d be at it. Guess we’ll see. 😉


Thinking about my anniversary coming up and wondering what to get my hubby. I’ve been thinking that he needs some more shirts, but that doesn’t seem very romantic. Men are so difficult to buy for. <sigh>


I’ve been thinking about all the cleaning I need to do around here. How on earth am I going to get this place packed up and ready to go? I’m very overwhelmed. It has to be done, but I have no plan of attack. I just want to cry.


Thinking a lot about Biblical submission. Wish God would just show me. Guessing about it does not give me answers. Still searching and waiting to hear His truth on it. I am not a quiet, little submissive wifey-poo. I have opinions and strong ones at that! God didn’t make me to be this strong-willed, only to have me wither in a corner and let hubby make all the decisions! Still pestering the Lord for answers. I’m so glad He doesn’t get sick of me!


I feel so incredibly sorry for Chonda Pierce losing her husband. I can’t imagine the hurt and sorrow she’s going through. Grieving for a loved one is difficult. Grieving for a spouse has to be awful. I cannot begin to imagine. If you think of it, could you please send up a prayer for her and her son? Thank you.


I think I’m going to go ponder these things in my heart……….with a chocolate or two!


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