Lots happenin’ around here!

It’s a gorgeous day! The sun is shining finally and there is a wonderful breeze blowing through the trees. It’s almost too pretty of a day to be inside! Duty does call though and I will be spending the morning hours in the house.

However, late afternoon will find me on the road and out kicking up my heels, as hubby and I have another meeting tonight. We’re meeting weekly with a friend who is a pastor and is also a licensed psychologist. He’s been excellent at helping us sort through this mess called life.

Who knew that life could change in an instant and nothing would ever be the same!?! I guess God did. He has been faithful in helping us through this. He placed the right people in our path to get us from one stepping stone to the next. At a time when I didn’t think I could possibly go on, He carried me. Mom’s death, leaving the church, my husband’s confessions, my children growing up and no longer needing me, (midlife crisis), throughout all of it, God has remained faithful. The only One I could put my entire trust in has been by my side from day one.

We have, largely, left my older son alone and he is learning some valuable lessons. (We hope!) He texted his dad last night and asked him if he could move back home. I guess him and his girlfriend are not getting along so well. We had a feeling this was coming. She just kept pushing him and wouldn’t let him breathe. He got sick of it. There were other things going on as well, but honestly, if someone was on top of me all the time like glue, I would get *very* frustrated. My son is extremely strong-willed like his mother. 😉

Please don’t think that I am naïve enough to believe that she is completely at fault. I know my son. I know his bad tendencies, as well as his good. I have prayed for that child more times than I can count. I think he could use a good old-fashioned kick in the pants sometimes. No one is entirely blameless when a relationship has problems or dissolves. However, he hasn’t been able to spend any time with us without her getting mad. He couldn’t be around us unless she let him. He had to ask for permission to be able to do anything. He has never been a permission asker, so I knew this wasn’t going to float with him for long.

MY SON IS COMING HOME! I am very thrilled to have him coming home, but I will believe it when I see it. I would not be surprised at her last ditch efforts to keep him around. He stayed at her place last night, but I look for him to move home this week. HE IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!

 The big push to move will get underway once he moves back home. I am going to have to get boxes out and start packing things up. I have largely avoided doing that. I have decluttered quite a bit, but there is still a lot more to go. Decluttering and packing are two very different things though. My kids think I’m avoiding it. Whatever gave them THAT idea!?!  Maybe it was the fact that I would rather sit around and knit or clean something than actually pack it in a box????  Possibly, but who knows about these things!?!?!  I think my lazy days are numbered!

I was just sitting here, quieting my mind to all of the plans and the hubbub of the day when I realized how peaceful and quiet it is. The kids are still sleeping, the dogs are out like lights and hubby has taken off for work. It’s still and quiet and tranquil. I had better enjoy it while I can!  I love the stillness. I love the early morning hours when everyone is sound asleep and I can sip coffee and think thoughts uninterrupted.  Think I might just slip off the computer and enjoy this little bit of silence while I still can.


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