Almost the Weekend!

Writing for a few……….while the house is nice and quiet.

Lots on my mind.

My older son……………he’s going back and forth between humble and being aggressive and mad. We’ve stepped back emotionally to let him process everything. I realize this is his struggle and not mine. No matter how much I want to “fix” it for him, he has to find his way through this. It’s part of him growing up. He has tried to pawn things, applied for an apartment, and tried to get back together with his now ex-girlfriend. It’s not working. Everywhere he turns, he can’t do what he wants to do. God has him hemmed in and he hates it! We, on the other hand, realize why it’s the way it is. God wants him to move with us. We just know that.

So……………..I’ve been busy trying to keep the house cleaned up and picked up. Not easy with another person living here. Rather frustrating at times, actually, but I’m glad to have my son home.

Last night I fixed hot dogs, fried taters and onions, and peas for supper. I’ve been cooking a lot more lately. I realized that I love to cook. I don’t like the dishes so much, but cooking is fun! LOL  I’m thinking about making salmon loaf this weekend and maybe fried rice. I need to sit down and make up a menu. I really need to get things more organized this weekend. I’ve been running around scatterbrained lately. Too much going on and I need LISTS!

Just peeked outside and it looks like it’s going to rain. I know the farmers need the moisture, but I’m really tired of rain. It has rained all summer. This is the coldest, most rainy summer we’ve had in ages. I have not liked it one bit! How can you swim when it’s so chilly out? I’m used to 90* weather in the summer. This year it was mainly 80* and it was raining and overcast.

Ok, enough whining…………I’ve got a lot to get done today and I’m hoping that I can stay home the majority of the day and just concentrate on what needs to get done. Running errands mid-stream really messes me up! So far hubby hasn’t called and had me do anything, so I am going to take that as a good sign and keep on pushing through.

Not sure what tonight will bring. We’ll see. I think hubby was going to go play Clix with his friends. (It’s a miniatures game…………super heroes in plastic form that they play on a map)  I had asked him to take the night off, but I’m not sure what he’s doing. I’d like to have a date night. I want to see “Into the Storm”! Maybe dinner and a movie? Depends on what he’s planning. If not, I will hang out with my daughter and get our toenails done again. We may go grab a bite out and see the movie ourselves. 😉

The anniversary of Mom’s passing away is coming up. I dread it, but think I may have to do something to celebrate the good stuff that happened. She was not always there for me. She was often very hurtful in her comments, but there were good times. There were times we shared our love of chocolate and went to the beach together. (manmade, but still pretty cool)  Not sure how I’m going to celebrate her life, but I’m going to do something that makes me think of her and smile instead of crying and mourning. There will probably be tears, but I want some happiness in there, too. Not all of it was bad. I’m looking for that silver lining.

Almost finished knitting this set of dishcloths I’ve been working on and then I think I’m going to work on a set for my daughter and the cowl I started for myself. I am anxious to see how it turns out. I almost froze last winter from not having something around my neck and head. I thought about making a hooded scarf, but couldn’t find a pattern I liked. Maybe I will have to work on a pattern for one myself. I need something that’s going to be nice and warm. Knitting is such an outlet for me. Stress, worries, things I can’t control and stew over……………..all of it melts away when I’m knitting!

Ok, I gotta get busy on this place! Have a wonderful weekend!


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