August 20th, 2014

Outside my window………………’s going to be another hot one today! They’re saying it’s going to be worse than it was yesterday. It was so awful yesterday! Stuffy and humid and in the upper 90’s! Perfect weather for going to the beach! If only we were close enough to the ocean to go have fun and hang out!


I am thinking…………………about the anniversary of my mom’s death, (one year tomorrow), about having something to look forward after tomorrow, so I don’t focus so much on the loss, about everything we’re doing this weekend, like getting an eye exam. I’m hopeful that I will be able to get some new glasses. LensCrafters is running a sale on their lenses AND their frames! Half off is nothing to sneeze at and I am hopeful that I can get some glasses. It will take 2 weeks for my glasses to come in because I’m getting the anti-glare lens for night driving. Guess it’s just another sign that I am getting older. 😦   Nah, that can’t be it! LOL


I am thankful………………….for little things. Time spent with my son, even though he really doesn’t want to be here, a good friend telling me that I need to take care of myself and squirrel away a nest egg for myself. This same good friend is also a pastor and a therapist. I’m also thankful that things seem to be coming together in my relationships with family.


In the kitchen…………………..I’ve been doing a lot more cooking. Our budget has been really strained and we’re doing everything we can to make ends meet right now. Eating out isn’t an option until we get through the next week or so. I don’t mind cooking, but I run out of ideas. Nothing sounds good or, if it does, they don’t want it. I crave beef stew right now, but my family says no.  I guess 90* weather makes them less than impressed with a hot meal. 😛


I’m wearing……………………clothes. Ok, really? Not sure why they even have this question in the lineup. Do you really want to know that I am still slogging around in my night clothes!?!  Well, fine. I am. I am also barefoot. I love being barefoot! It’s the only way to go………….unless there is snow on the ground and you have to go outside. I have been known to go barefoot then, too. 😉


I’m creating…………………..well, actually, I am done with the dishcloths for the client! YES! It took me forever, but I did it! Now I just have to make some for my daughter. I cast on 2 for her in beautiful blue variegated colors. She picked the colors out and I will make her several for her hope chest. THEN I get to work on my cowl again! I am anxious to get it made before we get the first snowfall!


I am going…………………… work on a few projects around the house, get laundry caught up and figure out a menu for this week. I also want to get the fur babies washed. They shtink! I might even manage to work on my knitting or drawing some. Have to see how everything else goes.



I am wondering………………………if there is a knit group locally I could join that doesn’t have all of the political-religious junk that the previous one had. I don’t mind going to a group that’s fairly liberal, but I don’t want to be berated every time I walk into it. It wasn’t just me that caught their flak, it was anyone who didn’t agree with them politically and socially. If you were a Christian, you got hammered by them. I just want a place where I can go in with my knitting, sit down and knit. A place where I can learn from others, help others and just be a part of a community of knitters that are passionate about their knitting and don’t worry about the other stuff. There is a group south of here, but it’s a 45 minute drive and they meet on Friday nights. It makes it awkward if hubby and I want to go out on a date.


I’m hoping…………………………several things, actually. I hope to go to the lake soon. I really want to walk on the manmade beach and just veg. I hope to get a lot done this weekend, as far as decluttering and getting things packed up. I’m hoping that I can learn to forgive and not carry around all of this hurt. I’m tired and frankly, it’s just getting old. Who likes being weighed down by junk!?! I’m also hoping that I can work on a lap quilt that I am hand-quilting. I want to get it done and put away. It’s going to be interesting to see if I can get it done before we move. I’m thinking not, but I’m going to attempt it.


I’m looking forward to………………………the weekend. We’re going to start packing and going through things. I cannot wait! I cannot tell you how much I have longed for this! I just want to move out of here! I’m also looking forward to getting new glasses. Looking forward to having a bonfire when this weather decides to cooperate. I’ve got some wood in the backyard that needs to be burned up. One more thing that we won’t have to deal with later when we’re ready to move.


I’d like to learn…………………….how to can, how to play piano, how to sew, how to do knit using multiple colors, how to do entrelac, (it’s a knitting pattern), how to ballroom dance and square dance, and last but not least, how to really relax and let my hair down. I am too uptight and can’t seem to let myself just enjoy the moment and have fun. I’m always too busy planning for the next moment. I’d like to just take life as it comes instead of trying to plan it all out.


Around the house…………………….the kids are sleeping, the dogs are sleeping, I am *not* sleeping, the hubby is gone and my older son is gone. He’s working with hubby today. The fan is blowing and the ac is on. I’m enjoying the white noise from them. It’s nice and cool, but it won’t stay that way long. I’m going to have to get busy on chores before it gets hot.


A favorite quote……………………”If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”    ~ Mother Teresa  


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