Thankful Thursday!

Things I’m thankful for…………………..

A doctor who is sharp on his toes and “caught” what’s going on with my husband. He is sending us to a specialist in the city. He said that what is going on with my husband is “totally fixable”. Praise God for good news! We needed it! He also said that treatment for it would give hubby a brand new lease on life! Not complaining about that one bit!

My son got a job! He’s thrilled and so are we. He’s been all over the place, filling out applications and getting rejected. Too many applicants and not enough work, they say. We’re thrilled he’s working and he is, too. He was very depressed that he couldn’t find work, but no more. He starts Monday, so he has plenty of time to get prepared.

The Lord speaking to me this morning during my quiet time really hit me between the eyes. He keeps reassuring me of His love.

I’ve  found several churches to visit. Going to talk to hubby about them and see what he thinks. He handed me the phone book and told me to just “start looking”, so that’s what I did. 😉 I’m anxious to get back in church.

I found a book online that really hit me and downloaded it to my cell phone. (Kindle)  I read the first couple of chapters and I look forward to reading more. I also joined an online Bible study and I am going to order my book tomorrow. It’s called The Best Yes by Lisa Terkuerst and I’m looking forward to digging into it. You just buy the book and the online study is free! I can’t wait!


We finally got my Gracie’s windshield wipers working! Seems the wiper motor went out on us. I almost had a mini heart attack when the wipers stopped working while driving in the pouring rain! They would quit working or stop in the middle of the windshield! Not the way you want to navigate busy city traffic at all! Thankfully, the Lord kept us safe and we were able to get home okay. Now they’re fixed and I don’t have to worry about it. And of course, there is very little to NO rain in the forecast! HA!


Things that are coming up……………..


Hubby’s appointment at the doctor. I’m anxious and excited and feeling a little trepidation over it. All in all I think it’s a good thing!


A girl’s night out for me and my daughter this weekend. We’re going to go to pick up some art/craft supplies and goof off. Thinking we might even hit the mall and just enjoy a night off!


Another bonfire! We had one and now it’s time to do it again. I’m going to go much more simple this time and maybe just order pizza and sit around the fire with S’mores and drinks. Pizza sounds fabulous right now, anyway. Might have to wait on the  bonfire until next weekend though. I forgot that we had a lot going on this weekend!


I was given a Cricut and I am going to sit down this weekend (when I have time! HA!) and play with it. I’m anxious to see what all it does. I love scrapbooking and can’t wait to see what this thing makes!


The HOLIDAYS! Can you believe we’re already near the end of September!?! I’m going to start buying things for Thanksgiving dinner. If I buy a little at a time, it doesn’t overwhelm my pocketbook. I’m looking forward to a big dinner this year.



Don’t know much else. Life is moving at breakneck snail speed around here. LOL


Oh, I am going to pick up some twistable Crayola colored pencils for my Bible art journaling. I think they’ll be beautiful and I’m anxious to try them out. I really enjoy the Bible art journaling. I haven’t painted or drawn in years and I am discovering that I still like it! It still makes me as happy as it did before! I may have to check into some oil paints. I haven’t done that in ages either. I LOVED painting. We’ll have to see.


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