I’m so glad it’s Monday. I love the weekends, but I like the order that follows. On Mondays, we get back to work around the house and get it all spiffed up from the weekend. We get the cleaning done and it feels so much better to have clothes going in the washer, the floor vacuumed and the house smelling heavenly. I usually put my Yankee tarts on to melt during the week, so it doesn’t bother dh’s sensitivity to smells. I love the smells that fill up the house during the week!

We went to a festival this weekend. It was a WW2 Festival and it was interesting. They had several people dressed in costume and there were re-enactments of the war. They had all sorts of things going on and they even had a birds of prey show. That was my favorite. They had a barn owl, a bald eagle, a turkey vulture, a great horned owl and several other birds. The kids loved it and we did, too. Afterwards we got directions to their facility and we are planning a trip there.

I joined a new knitting group last week. I sat in on one of their sessions and it was nice. The women all seemed very sweet. We talked and they’re knowledgeable about what they’re doing, so I will be able to ask questions and get help, I think. They love to knit socks and they want to teach me the magic loop method. I’m not at all sure that I will mind that! I love learning new things! We’ll have to see what happens! The group is held in a shop, which is on this gal’s property. They have a farm with a huge great Dane, a sweet Yorkie, some sheep, a goat or two, chickens and angora rabbits! She collects, spins and dyes her own yarn and teaches others how to crochet and knit! She’s got a lot of talent.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the holidays. I’ve got so much to do to get ready for Christmas. I need to force myself to get busy and get some things done. It will be here before we know it. I’m knitting a few gifts for the kids. I’m hoping to knit some fingerless gloves for the boys. They love texting, so they call them texting gloves. Sarah much prefers to read, but I’m making her some, too. She freezes in the winter, so I’m thinking about knitting her a poncho or a shawl. I have to get busy on these! My hubby wants a lapghan, so his legs stay warm. Think I’m going to be one busy gal! I’d like to make myself a shawl and a cowl. I started the cowl, but have put it on the backburner so I can finish making dishcloths for Sarah’s hope chest.

We bought her a hope chest for Christmas a couple of years ago. She’s excited about filling it up with goodies for her first home. I’ve been thinking seriously about starting something similar for my son, Ben. I have an old military munitions box (wooden) that I am considering using for it. It’s deep and it would hold quite a bit of things. I’ve got to figure out what he likes and wants though. Christopher wants me to buy him things, too. I’ll have to see what I can get for these guys. Some of it I can buy and some of it I can make. I promised them all afghans. 😉

I really need to get back to packing and decluttering around here. I’ve got a lot of things that I need to go through and I haven’t even touched the stuff in the basement! It feels overwhelming sometimes, but I keep thinking that if I just put one foot in front of the other, it will get done. It seems to be working, slowly.

I have a lot of pictures to upload on here, but not sure how to get my pics to come out right. When I try to upload from my phone, they come out huge on WordPress. I have a lot that I would love to post. Has anyone discovered how to upload them from your phone without them being so big? I’d love to hear from you!

It looks like the house isn’t going to clean itself, so I guess I’d better get busy. I hope you have a wonderful, productive day! 🙂 Blessings!


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