It’s been awhile since I was on.  Life has gotten in the way. I’ve been working on Christmas gifts, (knitted), and thinking about the holidays. We’re going to get a new tree this year. We had to go with artificial, due to allergies in our family. We had the small 5 ft. tree, but I hated it. TOO SMALL! My kids are taller than the tree. I want a tree that’s, at least, 7 ft. tall.  Our old tree will go to our son, Christopher.  I’m so looking forward to getting a new tree. I miss having a huge tree.


Christopher has his own place now. Have I mentioned that? I’m so forgetful anymore. He has a nice apartment, but I worry about him. We took him shopping earlier this evening. His pantry isn’t quite so bare now. I’m not going to worry about him so much.


While we were at Wal-Mart, I noticed they had a microwave for $35. The sign beneath it said $49.  I was surprised that it was only $35, so I asked the sales associate who was standing close by if the sticker was right. She said it wasn’t, but since it was on the microwave, they had to sell it for that price. I snagged it up and now my son also has a microwave!  We picked him up a wok, also. He loves to stir fry veggies and I’m so glad.  Veggies are good for him!


I started going to a new knit group. It’s been an experience, let me tell ya! I am learning how to make socks using the magic loop method.  I have used the double pointed needles to make them, but magic loop seems much easier! I also realized why I hated the socks I was making before. 1) I was knitting them on DPN’s, (double pointed needles), and 2) the yarn was TOO thick! It came out so chunky that I didn’t like it at all! It was awful!  I’ve been using Malabrigo brand and I love it! Their sock yarn is thin and perfect for socks! I’m also going to make a shawl with it!


We’re getting geared up for the holidays. I’ve done some shopping already and I’m hoping to get the rest of it done before the end of November. I bought hubby and the kids PJ’s for Christmas Eve. I’m going to have to work on the rest of their gifts next. I still need to get Sarah’s PJ’s.  It’s hard to believe that November is right on top of us! I’d like to have all of my shopping done and out of the way by December 1st! That way I can spend December making candy, cookies and enjoying the holiday festivities.


My daughter took up knitting! She’s making herself a chartreuse scarf! I am hoping that she’ll continue to love knitting. She’s going to do some shopping for knitting supplies this weekend. I’m hoping she will find some decent needles. She decided she hated knitting because the needles were metal and clanked together. She’s using wooden needles that I gave her now, but she needs a set of needles. Maybe for Christmas, if she continues to show an interest????


Guess I should scoot off of here and get busy on my knitting. I’m trying to get a few things made for the holidays. I need to get crackin’ on it!  Hope to be on here more. I’ve just refrained from posting while I’ve been so upset. I’m still healing from losing Mom and even the remote possibility of a good relationship with her. So many things happened this time last year. It all took it’s toll on my heart and I’ve been battling depression. Fall is also when SAD kicks up for me and this year has been more difficult than average years.


Ok, I’m off to work on this stuff! Hope everyone is having a good fall and staying warm. It’s starting to get chilly here!






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