The Day After

We survived Christmas 2014! I’m teasing! It was a good one. We had our son and his girlfriend over and we just spent the day opening gifts and enjoying each other’s company. It was wonderful. I have missed my son more than you can possibly imagine! He’s grown though and things are different now. We had a nice time with them and it was good to have them here.

We had a nice time, watched A Christmas Story, ate way too much, and had a wonderful time. Even my furbabies were spoiled silly for the holidays. They had their own stockings this year. Might be a bit silly, but for $5 at Walmart who could refuse!?! 😉  They loved their toys and have been playing with them, in between naps, of course!

We kept it simple this year. Normally, I go all out with the huge ham meal, but this year……….I just didn’t. We did deli meat, cheese, crackers, pickles, fruit and veggie trays……..just finger foods. It was so nice to sit and enjoy the festivities instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

All in all, it was a good day.

We managed to get the kitchen clean up and the living room floor reclaimed from the wrapping paper and boxes last night. I woke up to a fresh clean home. It was fantastic! Today I get to rearrange furniture and cook a big meal for supper. The natives may revolt on me, if I don’t! 😉

Just talked to my son on the phone and would appreciate prayers for him and his girlfriend. She has strep and all the clinics are closed. He has strep, also, but he has antibiotics for it. They’re both miserable. Looks like I will be sending over some country fried steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans for their meal tonight. Poor kids! I hope they get to feeling better!

Ok, I’m off to grab a bite to eat and get busy around here!


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