Saturday, Dec 27, 2014

It’s a still, peaceful morning. The hubby and kids are asleep, the dogs are even asleep and the sound of the fan is all that’s keeping me company. I love quiet mornings. It’s my chance to reflect, to pray………….to allow my soul the silence that it needs to tune in with its Creator.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. I’ve been considering opening up my blog to the general public. This means that there will be scrutiny from those who ‘happen’ across it. One of the most terrifying things in the world is to open your heart and realize that someone you never intended to see in it has seen and deemed your thoughts and feelings and very personhood not worthy. I have a few people in my life, unfortunately, that would love nothing better than to tear me to shreds. These people are not random folks online. They aren’t strangers or people that I have known in the community. These are extended family members. These are people that I love. I have not yet decided if I am up for the risk. I want to run and jump, but I know that not looking before I take that leap can result in devastation. I’m still thinking about it.

I got a brand new sofa for Christmas. Our old one was shot. It needs more TLC than I know how to give it! I think it just needs to be reworked. Or given to the dogs. LOL The new sofa is beautiful, but I’m having to get used to it. My back is so messed up and it’s acclimating to the difference. I wish it would get used to it already! I’ve wanted new furniture for a long time now. I’m wondering if asking for a new kitchen table and chairs for my birthday is asking for too much. My birthday isn’t until June.

Hubby had a dream last night. It’s rare that he dreams and remembers it. I believe that God sometimes speaks to us through dreams and when hubby dreams and remembers, there is usually something in it for us to take away. Something God is showing us. When he woke up from a sound sleep and told me his dream, I almost bolted upright. He dreamed he was in a van, (one we actually used to own) and he drove it up to the church we purchased it from in real life. There were people around and kids. There was a couple there that he had done work for that had moved out of town. They had moved back to town and were attending this church again. Hubby gets out of the van, and walks home. He left the van there at the church. This is strange, because he cannot walk good. He has a lot of problems with his back and hips. In the dream, he feels fantastic and runs home. This church is several miles away from us. He gets home and finds me cowering on the lower half of a set of bunk beds and hiding behind a sheet that I had fastened to the top bunk. He tells me he has run home and feels terrific, but he has to run back to the church and get the van. Just then there are two loud knocks on the door and we are both a little intimidated and upset. In his dream, I said, “Oh no! It’s the pilot!” and then he woke up.

From all that I surmised this:

God is going to heal him before we move to NC. There will be two things that happen to warn us that it’s close to time to move. (the two knocks on the door) We’re both apprehensive because we have neither one moved that far away on our own. I’m excited, but scared.  I’m asking God for the proper interpretation of the dream. He gave hubby the dream for a reason. It wasn’t just “bad pizza”. LOL

Anyway, we’ll see what He’s up to. I’m not sure. Sometimes I think He likes it that way! LOL

Okay, I’m off to read my Bible again and see what He whispers into my heart. Have a good day!


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