The Big Night

Tonight is the big night. Hubby goes in for his sleep study tonight. He’s nervous and said he’s not thrilled to have people watching him while he sleeps. Truth be told, he won’t sleep well at all tonight. I have decided to change the bed sheets while he’s away. I figure he can come home to a freshly made bed and relax in it. After his sleep study, he will be working all day so I won’t see him until tomorrow night. I have to figure out what I can get up to while he’s gone. I might clean out the fridge tomorrow. It needs it after this whirlwind of holiday feasting. 😉


So my daughter is currently in school online. She’s loving it and I’m glad for her. She’s doing her courses on Khan Academy and has told me how much she enjoys it. She’s an avid reader, so it will be easy for her to pass the reading comprehension, vocabulary part of it. She tests out above college level for reading comprehension. That child is so incredibly smart. All of my kids are. I think my dad’s genetics were passed to my kids and bypassed me! Ha! My daddy was a brain.


I’m thinking about memorizing Scriptures to draw me closer to Christ. I miss church. I miss fellowship. I do not miss the gossip and backbiting, but I do miss the worship. Dh was invited to go to guest preach at a church this Sunday, so we will be going there. However, it would be nice to have a home church.


Hubby made it home from work and had dinner with us before heading off to his sleep study. My son got home in time to join us, as well. Once he gets off work tonight, he will be off until Sunday. He’s thrilled. I guess they have worked him so hard that they can’t work him anymore without paying him overtime and they don’t want to do that.


I’ve been thinking about this whole mess of a situation. The kids are growing up and that’s difficult enough, but then there’s my hubby and he doesn’t need me as much anymore either. He has his interests and his job. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he doesn’t love me or want me around. It’s not that at all. It’s that everyone around me has a life. They all go and do their things and enjoy themselves. They have their interests and they’re all busy living.


I need to get a life. I need to figure out what makes me happy, what I would enjoy doing. Most importantly, I need to figure out what the Lord wants me to do. I sit home most of the time and knit or read, when I’m not cleaning and cooking. There has to be something that I can do. I’ve tried volunteering. There are several places that would love for me to volunteer, but I’ve done it already and I don’t think I’m supposed to go back and do it again. I keep praying and asking God to show me what it is I’m supposed to do. So far, He’s been fairly quiet.


I just discovered the most wonderful wine. I am not normally a wine drinker. I am a sweet tea drinker, a drinker of water or even a rare mixed drink. This is called Red Velvet by Saint James Winery and it is gooooood! It’s smooth and lives up to its name. It’s so good that I am actually drinking it. It’s unusual that I would even drink wine. I don’t normally care for wine. I prefer the hard stuff! <snort!>   I enjoy a nice pina colada light on the alcohol. I even enjoy coffee and Bailey’s with just enough Bailey’s to flavor it. However, St. James Winery is a local winery and I decided to try it. So glad I did.


A friend of mine is leading up a drive to supply a charity with hats, gloves, scarves and blankets for donations to the homeless. I’m going to start working on it so I can help her. I need to get off of my backside and get busy. I have to figure out what knitting needles I have and what yarn I can use on it. I have plenty of yarn to get started. Just have to get busy!


We have a busy weekend ahead of us. It looks like we will be taking down the decorations. After losing all the Christmas decorations to a flooded basement last year, I find storing things in the basement a bit unsettling. I had put them all in a plastic bin and they were still destroyed! I was heartbroken. The good thing about everything I have this year is that I am not attached to any of it. It’s just stuff. I do like the tree, but everything else is just “stuff”.


Well, I suppose I should get off of my backside and locate the knitting needles that I will be using for the hats I’m going to make. Hope it isn’t too cold in your world. Stay warm!


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