Jan 13, 2015

It’s amazing the difference a day can make! You can go to bed, feeling as though nothing will ever be right again and wake up the next day, feeling full of hope and ready to move forward. What a difference just a few short hours can make!

Last night I went to bed consumed with worry about things out of my control…………….a wayward stepdaughter, finances, my husband’s health…………..and this morning, after praying and asking God to help me through, I feel hope and peace again. Things are not resolved. It’s not like the Hallmark channel where everything works out perfectly. However, it also isn’t like Shakespeare’s play, A Comedy of Errors. Even in the midst of the pain and hurt, there are good things happening. I just have to focus on them.

My husband did the sleep study test. He will be getting a CPAP machine. He’s elated. He also has a test today to check his breathing. It’s one of those things where you breathe into a machine or plastic tube thing. Not an invasive test, thank heavens! (This is another one of those ‘good things’!) I just worry about him. A lot.

He is faced with a ministry opportunity right now. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m somewhere between queasy/uneasy to resigned. I don’t think we will ever fully leave ministry. Don’t get me wrong. I love ministry. I love doing things for people who need help and fulfilling the Great Commission. I enjoy serving. I truly do. I just don’t like living in a fishbowl. Having your every move scrutinized is a sure fire way to lose your zeal for serving Christ and His children. My husband says I need to develop a thicker skin and start speaking up for myself. Well, no matter……the reality is that we will likely be involved in ministry in the near future again. I would appreciate your prayers.

After we get done with all of the appointments in the big city today, we’re meeting some friends for dinner. We haven’t really been socializing much, so it will make a nice treat. I’ve been looking forward to it since we set it up! I think I need more interaction with others.

The knit group will be meeting tomorrow night. I’m hoping I can go and learn a few things. I need to make a few things for myself to keep warm with. I need a cowl or over-sized scarf to keep warm with. I am tired of freezing. The wind just cuts right through me. I want to make some socks and a headband, too. I have to figure out what yarn I’m going to use. Maybe I’ll find some when I tear apart my bedroom. (I know I’ll find yarn………just wonder if I’ll find the right yarn for each project!) LOL

Did I mention I’m going to make vanilla from scratch at home??? Yep, I have been inspired by a wonderful family that blogs about their homesteading adventure and their life off of the grid. If you happen across http://joybileefarm.com/   you should take your time and peruse their blog. It’s such a breath of fresh air in this technology-laden, rush-and-hurry world we now live in. She has some wonderful examples of homesteading projects and one of them just happens to be making vanilla from scratch. I was given vodka for Christmas for this project and I just need to pick up some really good vanilla beans. I am so looking forward to this! I haven’t had really good vanilla in years! The homemade kind is soo much better than the store bought!

Okay, well, if I don’t get off of my duff, I won’t get *anything* done today! And Lord knows, I have enough to get done for me and several other people! Hope you have a blessed, WARM day!


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