Jan 14, 2015

It’s another beautifully COLD day in the great Midwest. They said we might have snow flurries. We’ve had a cold winter, but not a particularly snowy one. I was so hoping for snow. I much prefer snow over the bitter cold and ice. Snow is beautiful and peaceful. Ice is just slippery and dangerous.

Well, what a night last night was! It started yesterday afternoon with hubby’s appointment to test his oxygen levels. He said he did pretty good on his breathing test, so we’re glad of that.

Afterwards, we met with a friend and talked to him about ministry and the situation with my husband’s daughter. Our friend is a pastor and professional therapist. He’s given us a few things to think about. He suggested and hubby finally agreed that it was time to walk away from the drama-laden mess with his daughter. It was good to hear that I wasn’t just being mean because I don’t want to deal with her or talk to her while she’s so messed up on drugs. She accuses everyone of being mean to her, but the problem lies in how she treats others. I’d dare say the drugs are a big part of the reason she acts the way she does.

We also talked to him about the ministry opportunities before us. He made a few suggestions and we agreed with him. We have a lot of questions to ask the churches that approached dh. We’re taking it slow, until we’re certain of what God wants. I’m not in any hurry to do anything impulsive.

After we talked to our pastor friend, we had a meeting with some other friends. They’re starting the long road of homeschooling their grandchild. She wanted pointers on what to do and where to look for curriculum and help. I was able to provide a lot of that. I was glad! We talked quite a bit with her and her husband and laughed and enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to let our hair down, so to speak. We had a long visit and shut down the restaurant where we met. It was so good to spend time with friends.  At some point during our conversation with them, she looked my husband right in the eyes and said, “You know God isn’t finished with you all yet. He still has a work for you to do and He does for you, too”, then shifted her gaze to me.

We know it was God speaking through her. I almost fell out of my chair. She really had no clue that her words made such an impact on us. Talking on the way home, dh said he didn’t know what God wanted exactly, but he thought it might be preaching/pastoring again. He mirrored my thoughts about her statement and shared how she didn’t even seem to realize that her words made such an impact on us. She just seemed oblivious. God often works that way. He speaks through people and they have no clue what they’ve said and yet, the one hearing the intended message just about falls over from the magnitude of the statement in their lives at that particular time. Our visit with them will not soon be forgotten.

Tonight is knit night. I am debating on whether to go or not. I’m not working on anything in particular now. I would love to start a cowl, but nothing seems to be fitting. I pick something up to work on it and it doesn’t seem right. I’ve just put everything down for the time being. I need to work on something other than a silly dishcloth. I am looking forward to something clicking! I need to try working on a hat or something simple. Maybe a cowl? I don’t know. I need to take my daughter to knit with me tonight. She needs to finish her scarf.

Okay, I’m off to get this house cleaned up! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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