The Two Questions Every Leader Must Answer

This is so good that I had to share. Enjoy!

Cultivating Life at Home

2 questionsEverybody leads somebody.  You may not view yourself as a leader, but more than likely someone is following you.  I recently realized this for myself.  I had led in some capacity for about twelve years before becoming a mom, and there were responsibilities and roles I held that indicated that I was leading.  Now as a mom, I may not have a formal title or a paycheck, but the call to lead remains.  Instead of leading teams though, I now lead children.

Because leadership is essentially influence.

Becoming a mom was a long desired goal of mine that God made a reality for me.  Motherhood has not sidetracked me from leading, it has redirected it.  My children are following me every day, and they are always watching and listening (well, maybe not always)… 😉

Maybe you are a mom and lead children like me.  Or maybe you are at the bottom of the…

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