Resurrection Sunday, Knitting and Misc.

It’s been a little crazy around here. One of the dogs is sick (vet thinks it’s from meds) and we’ve been trying to get things done around the house. We’ve been working on spring cleaning. It seems that just about the time I get one thing done, twenty others crop up. I’m hoping to get the kitchen straightened up and then work on my bedroom. I’ve got a lot to go through in there. Clothes! So many! Not much that fits, but tons of clothes!


On my needles……………..I cast on the sock. Been doing pretty good with it. I’ve turned the heel, done the gusset and I’m working my way down the foot. I can’t wait to get it done! I also have the blanket on my needles and I’m going to order yarn soon to cast on the hitchhiker scarf on Ravelry. It IS a paid pattern, but less than $4 (I think it’s like $3.75) and it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to make it! The blanket is going to wait until the air conditioner comes on. We’re hitting warmer temps and I don’t feel like covering myself with it while I work. I also need to get longer circular needles to put it on. It’s too bunched up on what I’ve got it on. I’m also considering starting another pair of socks. I want to make a pair for one of my grown kids, but need to finish the pair I’ve started first.


I finally found a project bag to carry my knitting in. I take my knitting everywhere and it’s such a relief to have something to do when I have time on my hands. This  is the project bag I bought. I also purchased a medium-sized notions bag from her, as well. The one I have doesn’t hold all of my knitting tools. I have to dig around to find anything and half of my stuff spills out. It’s just a small pencil holder bag. It worked for awhile, but I’ve outgrown it. The colors in that bag are just SOO me! I love the purples and blues!


With the holiday coming up, I’ve found myself wondering what I should do for the kids. I usually go all out, but honestly, it seems like it’s time to cut the strings some. I got each of the kids some movie gift certificates and a Cadbury egg. It’s nothing like what I used to do, but money is an issue.


Hubby and I went out on date night tonight. It was nice. We picked up stuff for the kids for Resurrection Sunday and then went to dinner. It was nice. With the kids growing up and moving out, I’m thinking about taking one of the rooms and turning it into a knitting room/office! My daughter wants to put bookshelves up in one corner and make it a library. I think that would be wonderful!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! I’m off to knit my sock!

P.S. The dog is actually okay. The allergy meds made him urinate frequently, drink a lot of water, and overeat! No more meds for the dogs!


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