My fur baby is sick. He’s been sick before. We’ve watched him deal with gastroenteritis (tummy troubles) and he’s had more shots than you can shake a stick at to help him get over it. We’ve watched him go from bounding up and down the steps to barely going down them and not coming up them without being carried. This happened in a few days’ time. I’m heartbroken. He’s older. He’s also my baby. He is a rescue dog that we saved from a puppy mill. Both of our dogs came home together. They have been together since Daisy was a puppy. She’s 5-7 yrs. old, according to the vet. (probably closer to 7)

I’m heartbroken.  Everyone keeps telling me he’ll be okay. I hope so.

Chris' pics 0152013-05-01_16-33-05_439

He stole my heart when I first laid eyes on him. A warm bath, a pampered grooming later and I was like putty in his paw! Yep, my babies are spoiled pooches!


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