Rain, rain, rain…….

Woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and streaks of lightning crossing the sky. I love sleeping in when it rains. A little more difficult to do when there’s a bad thunderstorm and lightning is close. The next three days are supposed to be rainy, they say. I hope it will encourage my knitting time.

My fur baby yorkie is doing *much* better. He’s acting like his old cantankerous self, so I’m thrilled about that. I would say that with sarcasm, except I’m just so stinkin’ happy that he’s still with me! I love these little fluffballs like they were kids! It’s bad.

I’ve been working on the sock some. I am almost done with it. Haven’t felt much like working on it. I have the itchin’s to cast on another project. With the sock winding down and only a dishcloth on my other needles, I feel a strong urge to cast on something else. Waiting for yarn to come in is annoying! I want it here NOW! <sigh> I’m learning patience, I suppose. In the meantime, I suppose I should finish up what I have already started.

I discovered (via Pinterest) a lovely new deterrent for ants. We had just started seeing them coming back in. I guess the rain coming had caused them to leave the great outdoors for my kitchen. We tried everything in the poison aisle at our local hardware store to get rid of them and nothing. They ate it like candy and came back for more! After perusing Pinterest for other things, I came across an article about how peppermint gets rid of ants. I put some on a few cotton balls and put them on the kitchen counter and near the sink, where they usually show up first. I expected to get up this morning and see ants. Not one single ant was out! I think it’s time I planted peppermint outside my kitchen window! I was thrilled. A cheap, NON poisonous way to deal with them!

Hope you’re not floating away in all this rain. It may be time to build an ark!


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