Monday meanderings

Outside my window…………………it’s overcast, looks like it could rain at any minute and it’s awfully muggy. We do have a wonderful new “friend”. It seems a beautiful Cardinal (bird) has decided to take up residence in our neighborhood. Him and his lady friend live in a tree in across the street from us. I love watching them fluttering around and hunt for food. I may have to get some binoculars so I can see them more clearly.

I am thinking……………..about all of the hard work I have in front of me. I had started cleaning out the house, but stopped due to other things going on. I still have a lot to do before long and I dread it. I’m going to have to get ready for a yard sale and I am dreading it! Too much going on and not enough time to actually plan it all! I want to have it before it gets really hot.

I am thankful for……………… beautiful daughter…………….who will be one year older tomorrow! She’s a sweetheart and has been a joy to me since the day she was born!

From the kitchen………………….hubby said he’s fixing supper tonight. I love that man! I’m so glad I can rest tonight. I’m exhausted! He’s going to make meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans! I’m okay with that! I need to take some things out of the freezer. Hope we have a roast in there and some chicken for chicken alfredo!

I am wearing …………..a pretty light grey shirt with a V-neck, my new jean shorts, which are so comfy and, of course, I’m barefoot! To know me, is to know that I love going without shoes!

I am creating……………..well, truthfully………I’m at a bit of a standstill! I have some beautiful cashmere lace weight yarn, but not sure what shawl pattern to make with it! I want something beautiful, but not real complicated. I have been poking around online to find a good pattern. I have 1200 yds of it. I think I need to get some more circular needles. I’m looking forward to casting it on.

I am going………..well, I’ve been walking my dogs every day and I think tonight I’m going to walk them around the neighborhood. Tomorrow, however, we may go to the park. They love the park and they enjoy sniffing the breezes. They usually crash hard after a big outing to the park.

I am reading…………my brand, new Bible that I got for Mother’s Day. Yeah, I got it early, but I wanted a large print KJV for such a long time. I’ve just put off getting one. It’s purple and gorgeous! Also reading, Beyond Boundaries by John Townsend, which is fantastic. I’m really enjoying it. Doing the workbook and watching the video series along with it. I’m thinking about picking up a Debbie MacComber book, too. She used to have some awesome knitting-related fictional books. Haven’t read anything of hers in awhile and I miss it.

I’m hoping……………all of my kids can come see me for Mother’s Day. I want to BBQ and just hang out with them. Life is short and I really enjoy spending time with them!

Around the house…………the dogs are sleeping…..they’re too tired to even be snoring. I keep checking them to make sure they’re alive! (giggles) My daughter is listening to her Ipod, my husband is fixing dinner and my son just breezed through and grabbed his things. He’s heading over to his girlfriend’s house. She lives in another town, several towns over.

One of my favorite pics……………….2013-05-01_16-33-25_94


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