Hey, y’all! It’s HOT! We’re hitting temps near 100*! It was 96* today and they’re saying it’s going to be hot all week long. I’m so ready to be in a swimming pool! I think we may go tomorrow. I need to get out of this house and into some water!

Ok, lots happening! I finally made up my mind that I was tired of being overweight and miserable. I joined the Y and have been watching my portions, what I eat and how much exercise I’m getting. I’ve been moving more and doing my best to stay up and active. It’s hard to do in this heat. I just want to hang out in the ac and knit dishcloths!

Speaking of knitting……….I got disgusted. Very disgusted. Yeah, it was not pretty. I ripped that silly Gallatin shawl out and cast it back on. I haven’t touched it since. Maybe once I touched it. I didn’t want to. It had to be moved. It’s in time out for not behaving and playing nicely! Ha!

I *have* gotten multiple dishcloths done. That’s about all I’ve done. I haven’t felt like touching anything or doing anything or looking at anything. Well, I did think about doing a few things. Mostly things I didn’t have needles for. Or yarn for. Or the patience for.

Hmmm……….maybe I need to be in a time out. There is a good chance of that. Let’s not tell my family. I’m sure they would readily agree at this time.

Moving on……………..rapidly…


On my needles………….a rainbow colored dishcloth, the obnoxious Gallatin shawl, and the Iris blanket that I never touch. I haven’t decided when I’m going to cast the cowl on. I have the knitting needles, but I want to get going good on the Gallatin shawl before I actually start another project. I am loving knitting in the summer, IN THE AC! I wouldn’t recommend it in the heat.

I will post more tomorrow. I am trying hard to keep my eyes open and I am not forming coherent thoughts. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening! 🙂


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