Life has been……….well, life. It’s been busy. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but my vehicle decided to die off on me. It didn’t exactly die. It just doesn’t want to behave itself. I now have another vehicle and we will fix up my old one. We have kids that are driving, so a spare vehicle is a good thing!

I’ve been busy, so I will jump right in with the WIP’s and FO’s and all that!

WIP’s……….wpid-20150629_110921.jpg  This is the Cleo Tones Slip Stitch Cowl that can be found on Ravelry. I love the basket weave pattern on it so much and the way the yarn works up with the pattern (it is soo cushy soft) that I ordered several more skeins of yarn to make up several more cowls. They will be gifts for Christmas. Shhh!
I also have a dishcloth on my needles. It’s made with Sugar’n Cream Psychedelic cotton yarn. I will not order this yarn again. It is bleeding color on my hands, wooden needles………anything else it touches. I’ll finish these dishcloths and then soak them in cold water and vinegar. I was really disappointed in this product. It’s the first time I’ve had issues with yarn bleeding colors out while knitting it!wpid-20150629_110752.jpg  The colors are gorgeous together, reminds me of “Technicolor” on tv, for those old enough to remember it.


I’ve finished the Gallatin shawl, but haven’t washed and blocked it. I’m planning on doing that this evening. This is a pic of it unfinished. I hope to get a pic of it once I get it washed and blocked. wpid-20150508_085532.jpg This is not at all what it looks like now, but I will get a pic of it soon!
I also made some more dishcloths from this yarn wpid-20150629_122720.jpg It is the rainbow color way and it is GORGEOUS! It works up to look like this: wpid-20150614_082516.jpg This next pic is sideways, but it shows the color a bit more….please excuse, but I am not tech savvy. HA! I figured it out!wpid-img_20150613_211644.jpg The colors are so bright and vivid in real life. This pic does not do it justice.

I am so ready to move on to something else, but I seem to be stuck doing dishcloths. People keep requesting them and they do make easy take-along projects. I have a bag full of them!

On to other topics……..

I have been in a yarn-buying mood lately! It’s been bad. I have enough yarn for that cowl pictured above to make 3 more of them! (it’s in the mail, on its’ way to me!) I have TONS of dishcloth yarn! It is coming out of my ears! I would guess I have AT LEAST 20 skeins of cotton yarn. Possibly more. I’m almost afraid to count it. And………….I have to quit buying yarn, so I can save $$$ for my trip to The Yarn Barn in Lawrence, Kansas! We’re going to make a vacation of it and go to Kansas City after we visit Lawrence. I’m looking forward to it. I am hoping to find some LYS in KC, as well.

Lola, if you read this………….we need to get together when I head that way! I know you’re a bit from Lawrence, but maybe I can come see you or meet you somewhere! 🙂


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