Long time

It has been a long time since I’ve posted. Seems life has been busy swirling around me and I haven’t taken the time to slow down long enough to catch up.

I’ve been knitting like mad, trying to get my Christmas knitting done. I’ve made 3 cowls, 3 fair isle hats, numerous scarves, dishcloths, and embroidered another stocking! My youngest son has a new girlfriend. Oh, I say new, but I mean she is new to our Christmas traditions. They’ve been dating almost 10 months now!

I’ve discovered I have a love for fair isle knitting! I enjoy it so much that I hope to make several projects for next year’s gifts. I just have to sneak them past hubby and the kids!

I’m hoping to graph out a chart for Spiderman or some other such comic and make them for the family before the holidays hit. I was in a serious time crunch this year, trying to get everything done. I worked clear up to the night of Christmas Eve, trying to get everything done. I don’t like the panicky feeling I get when I cut it that close!

The kids are all doing great and I have been told that a special thing is going to happen in 2016, but it’s under wraps for now. As soon as I am allowed to talk about it, I will! I am very excited!

I have really been branching out with my knitting and trying new and different techniques and styles. I’m amazed at how much I am learning and how much I enjoy the new things I’m discovering. I have started watching Sheepishly Sharing with Margaret Oleander on YouTube. She’s hilarious and such a breath of fresh air! I just love her podcasts! She also has a group on Ravelry under Sheepishly Sharing and I’m just beginning to get acquainted with it. It looks wonderful though.

This morning our governor announced that we’re in a state of emergency. Our whole state has massive flooding and interstates are flooded out. It’s bad. When I woke up, it was cold and slick and snowy out. There is a fine layer of snow over the windshields of the vehicles and it was misting rain. Again. Ugh! I’m so ready for snow and NO RAIN!

After all the festivities and snacking, I *finally* got my kitchen back up in working order again. I have to admit that it was pretty bad. I couldn’t get in there and do much when I was sick. (respiratory flu)  I wrongly assumed the kids would clean up like I do. They didn’t. <sigh>  After several hours of washing and scrubbing, …………how did they even get food on the backsplash!?!…………..it is finally clean! I have counters once again and all of my small appliances and canisters are washed and pretty again! I think I may have to celebrate by making something yummy!

Well, as soon as I figure out how to work my new phone, I will put up pics of my latest work. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Long time

  1. I’m so glad to see your post. I knitted a hat for my grandson, but he didn’t get it til two days after Christmas . . . I was too slow! Our Christmas was good; so glad yours was. I need to check out Sheepishly Sharing.

    1. I absolutely love her. She’s Christian and from the south! Her drawl and her quirkiness are just a few of the things I love about her. She’s down to earth and a sweetheart. Hmm, sounds like you! Love you, sweet friend!

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