A few of the things I’ve been up to

0179f2d6e6ef965d6b0ceb00592797feb41726a755 The blue Cleo Tones Slip Stitch Cowl that I made for my son’s girlfriend. (pattern can be found here)

019b1f52c613b3d1c98cf5a2dabf582b7cdddbef12 This is the grey one I made for my daughter. I got up early every morning and worked on it while she slept. She was amazed that I got it done without her knowing anything at all. That mama! She’s a sneaky one! 😉

These are the snowflake hats I made for my menfolk. They loved them!

wpid-20150813_203529.jpg This is the red cowl that I made for my older son’s (Christopher) girlfriend, Jo. These cowls came out so pretty! I even managed to make myself one in purple! I’ll have to post a pic of it later.


This is something I’ve done for years. I embroider names on the stockings we get. This is the one I made for my youngest son’s girlfriend, Lana.  I would like to eventually make beautiful stockings, but until then, I embroider names.  The kids and their significant others love them and that makes this mama happy!

010f7c613d31fac8bafe78f5e6f7b148d792970031 My flash on my phone camera went a little wild here, but this is a scarf I made for Lana’s daddy. He works out in the bitter cold and I thought it might help him stay warm. It’s just him and Lana, and well, I can’t stand for anyone to not have a good Christmas! We got him a few other small gifts, too.


That handsome jolly guy right there is my son, Ben. (I call him Benny)  I love him awful! He got to play Santa at work and I got to sneak a kiss from Santa! I was good and didn’t reveal his true identity, as there were several kids who were absolutely enthralled at his presence in the store.

Whew! Just looking through all those pics made me tired! I can’t believe I got all of that done before Christmas! I’m starting earlier this next year! I’m going to have a good time with it and enjoy the process!

I hope you had a good Christmas! If not, I hope you treat yourself and do something wonderful to pamper yourself a bit.


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