Another day, another project!

It seems that I am constantly working on something and it changes from day to day. After being admonished by the Lord, I decided to do the smart thing and obey. I’m working on getting my bedroom cleaned up. There is just so much “stuff”.   It’s taken the room over and I hate it. I like nice and orderly. This is anything but!

Last night I was sitting on the sofa and the Lord told me to go to my bedroom and just throw away one thing. I knew I had a few pieces of plastic wrapping from buying Christmas gifts online and I had tossed them towards the trash can. (Am I really the only one who does that!?!)  I was in a hurry to get things wrapped before the peoples came rushing in, so I hadn’t picked it up.

Can I just stop here and say,




Okay, now that that’s out of the way……….

I went to my bedroom, threw away 5 pieces of plastic wrapping stuff that clothes come in and I went back to the sofa and sat down. It was a start.

Today, I got up and puttered around the house and realized that my daughter and I had a hair appointment. Off we went to get all purtied up! It was nice to get our hair done, but it sure wasn’t getting anything in the house accomplished!

After we came home, I heard the Lord telling me again to get busy on the bedroom. I went back there and got some stacks of paperwork out. I sat on the sofa and sorted through all of them, getting rid of as much as I could. It was such a wonderful feeling! I’m going to do more later, but it felt good to get things cleared out.  I’m getting things accomplished and I’m tickled pink!


Knitting…………….well, the baby sack I was planning has been put on the backburner for other things. I am tired of my feet freezing, so I’m making door draft stoppers! I’m using some waste yarn to make them. I just need the cold air to quit pouring in! I’ve got yarn and I am not afraid to use it, y’all! 😉

Some of the projects that will be on my hot little needles are…………the door draft stopper, the Star Wars hat or this one here and I’m working on the green Iris blanket that I started awhile back. I’m anxious to get some things done around here. I want to finish things up. I’m ready to move and I can’t do it with half-finished projects laying around all over the place!

I’ve been getting things ready for donations. I was talking to a friend today and she said one of her other friends had mentioned that some of the residents in the local nursing homes had no family or friends and no gifts for the holidays. It made me so sad to think that people could have nothing for the holidays. I’m going to try to get together with a few other gals and make up bags of goodies for the nursing home residents that don’t have anyone. Makes me wonder why the churches aren’t doing anything for these people and if there’s anyone who is doing something, I could join in their efforts to help!

The tree comes down tomorrow! I’ve put it off and put it off and tomorrow is the day! I had planned on getting it down this weekend, but we had other things going on. Once the tree is down, the decorations all put away, then I can work on getting the house into some semblance of order and I can, hopefully, get a little corner to put donations/giveaway boxes in. I get enough to take a nice-sized load to Salvation Army and GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!  Can you tell cleaning and decluttering excites me!?!?!

After hearing rave reviews by other knitters, I decided to splurge and get a 3 drawer rolling caddy for my knitting accessories, patterns and current wips.  I filled it with all my goodies and now I just need the tree out of the way so I can put it next to where I sit. It’s been wonderful to have everything in the same place. I’m not having to go through several different bags, totes or drawers to find whatever it is I’m looking for. I’m hoping to get another one of these or a bigger one to house some of my yarn. I will *never* admit to having too much yarn. I simply need more storage for it! HA!


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