This past weekend was BUSY!  It got off to a good start on Friday. We ran errands, had Chinese for lunch, saw Miracle from Heaven, and ended the day with a date with my hubby.

Saturday, we got up early and started working on the front lawn. We tore out old lattice work from the porch, cleaned out flower beds, (which will be torn out so we can fix the porch), and cleaned out my husband’s work vehicle. We’ll be using it to haul off debris and stuff from the carport that we have no use for. I say “stuff” because I have no clue what my husband has dragged in there over the years from his construction business. We also got the storage unit emptied out and everything hauled off. It’s all GONE! I am so thrilled! What a relief!

Sunday morning church was good. Afterwards, we came home and took the day off to rest and recharge from the busy weekend. I’m so glad we did! I didn’t realize how tired I was! It was a beautiful day to relax and enjoy ourselves. No pressing tasks at hand. No place to be. Just a good book and the sofa! Ah, that’s what I call rejuvenating!

Monday, hubby and I frequented our favorite little coffee shop and enjoyed one of the delicious, inexpensive meals they’re well known for. It’s become one of our favorite little getaways that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

After breakfast, I headed off to a nice quiet spot at one of the local parks and read and pray. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the geese interact in between chapters of a book that was very hard to put down. I had to shut the cover and head home because there was work to be done. I managed to get a good portion of the front yard mowed before my body decided it had had enough and I had to sit down.

My son came to my rescue and helped me finish the front lawn. He attempted to mow the backyard, but the mower quit on him. I guess we’ll have to get it fixed. I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with it, but we’ll need to get the backyard done before long. The grass is getting awful tall!

I took some time off from swimming to heal from a terrible sinus infection. We went back to the pool last night and my husband and I are both sore from it. I’m glad we went, but boy, did we sure need Tiger balm (sports ointment) afterwards!

This afternoon we’re going to go through clothes and a few boxes. I need to get rid of things that we don’t use or like. I didn’t realize how many things I had just sitting around. I’ve got knick knacks and pretties sitting all over the place. I’m boxing up a bunch of it and getting rid of it. I’m not willing to pay to move it with us, so out the door it goes!

I’d like to keep up the momentum we’ve got going from this weekend. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish this week. This coming weekend we’re going to be busy cleaning out the garage and the basement. I’m determined to get things done around here!

In other news………….my knitting has been suffering. I pick it up and knit a little bit and put it down again. I’m so eager to get this place in shape that I don’t really focus on my knitting as much. I’m going to cast on a pair of socks and see if that will help get my knitting going again. I need socks, so it will be a win~win for me!

And on that note, I am off to find my sock yarn and cast on! Have a good day, everyone!


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