The day is almost perfect! It’s nice and cloudy and COOL! YESSSSS!!!!! We’ve been battling temps in the 90’s with heat indices in the 100’s! This is such a wonderful change!

We went to church yesterday and celebrated the pastor’s 80th birthday! There was so much food! My daughter made deviled eggs to take. I had planned on taking in several dishes, but life got in the way. Next time we’ll take more.

The last few days my dog, Daisy, has been acting strange. We’ve been busy running back and forth to classes and running errands, so I assumed her benevolent sharing of puddles was an effort to let us know she was not amused with being left behind. I was wrong. We stayed home and she continued to do it. Guess who has a vet appointment? I am hoping and praying that it’s simply a UTI and not diabetes. I lost my beloved Yorkie, Daisy’s life long companion, to diabetes. We’ll find out what’s going on Wednesday. It was the earliest they could see her.

Other than that, we haven’t had a lot going on. We’ve been sticking close to home and enjoying some much-needed family time. It’s been wonderful to let our hair down and relax!

Math. The one subject that my daughter has chosen to pick my brain about. I love math, don’t get me wrong. However, it’s been years since I have been school. I use math daily, but I’m a little rusty on some of this stuff. She’s really enjoying it. NOT!

Uploading pics is going to be one of my goals this week. I love seeing pics in other people’s blogs. (Maybe it’s because I’m a very visual person???) So I am assuming others would like to see some of my pics.  Besides, it takes up more space and you don’t have to write as much! HA!

I have a serious writer’s block every time I come online to blog. I mean, do you really want to know that I have struggled with my weight this week? Or that my son got me hooked on Pokemon Go? Do you want to know that I found 2 slugs slugging it out on my porch Saturday night??  See!?! I never know what to share! Maybe you’d like to know about my poor plants? Yes! That’s a safe subject!

My son bought me some hanging baskets full of beautiful petunias for my birthday and, wonder of wonders, I haven’t killed them! One basket has purple flowers in them and the other, white. They make me smile every time I pull in the driveway and see them hanging. Next year I’m planting flowers, if I’m at all able. I want zinnias and petunias and daisies. I’m sure there are others that I will plant. I miss having a yard full of beautiful flowers.

Okay, and on that note, I have to get busy on this house! Hope everyone has a lovely week!


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