Blue Wednesday

Such a beautiful day to be blue. The sun is shining, the flowers are less droopy…(amazing what watering can do for the poor things!)…..and there is nothing in particular wrong. I am just feeling blue. Trying to shake it off and keep going!


My fur baby did *indeed* have a UTI. She’s on meds and has been acting much better and has even been losing weight! So glad to have that weight off my mind! She’s a sweetheart and I love having her underfoot!


I’ve been trying to knit a little bit more. I have started and finished a dish towel in a waffle pattern. It came out beautifully and I will upload and post a pic of it next time. It’s almost too pretty to use! I would love to have another project like it. I may just start another one in the same pattern, but with a different colorway.


My schedule has been a bit wonky lately. I’ve been doing for others and my schedule got thrown off a bit. I’m anxious to get back on track again. I’m hoping a new knitting project will help!  I need to figure out gifts for Christmas and I have NOTHING! I need something! I’m going to peruse Ravelry until I find the perfect gift for each other girls and then I’m going to get busy!


Well, I guess I’d better go. I have a lot to get done today! Hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon/evening!



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