Nearly October!

Good night, it’s been almost a full month since I last posted! We’ve been elbow deep in wedding preparations and preparing to move in the spring/summer next year! I’ve been so busy!

A few of the things we’ve been swamped with are:

Getting the house decluttered! It’s amazing to me how stuff we’ve collected over the last 20 years! Our bedroom is almost completely cleaned out. We still need to go through a few clothes, the bookcase and I want to sort through my jewelry and hair do-dads.

Trying to lose this weight! I’m still going to the gym and working out, but with cooler weather comes greater temptations!

My daughter is taking class to get her GED and she’s been doing really well. They’ve moved her up several times and think she’s almost ready to take the test. She’s apprehensive, but keeps pushing forward.

A friend told me about a job opening and I applied! I’ve been thinking about Christmas coming up and I could sure use the extra income for it.

We’ve been trying to get things done for the wedding. We had to help our two youngest kids get clothes for the wedding. We’ve shopped more in the last 3 weeks than I ever care to again! I never saw so many clothes, accessories, and makeup in all my life! It was maddening! I don’t mind shopping, but I don’t power shop unless it’s something I really want/need.

We have also been busy running back and forth to the vet with our beloved fluff muffin. She definitely had a UTI and 2 rounds of antibiotics cleared it right up! We were thankful that it wasn’t something worse. We also had the vet look at her side where we’d found two fairly large tumors. It turns out it’s nothing more than fat tissue! We were so relieved!  She’s been busy running with us and has really enjoyed herself lately. We took her to the lake one day and she loved it! She’s been spoiled.

My youngest son’s girlfriend asked for a mermaid tail afghan for Christmas, so I have been making her one. I haven’t crocheted in years, but I know knitting one is out of the question. It would take too long. We were in the big city awhile back and I decided to hit up one of the craft stores for some yarn for the mermaid tail afghan. I found the perfect yarn colors to go with it and a friend showed me how to read the pattern. I haven’t been too good at reading them in the past, but seem to be improving.

Every time we go anywhere in the vehicle, I try to work on my craft projects so I can get them done. I’m getting quite a bit done on them!

And lest I forget my amazing hubby………he has been super busy with work and trying to help my son and his fiance’ make props and such for the wedding. It’s going to be beautiful!

That’s what has been happening around here! Hope things are good in your world! Have a great day!



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