More changes, several wonderful!

Quitting my job was one of the most difficult things I’ve done in a long time. The last time I posted things weren’t going well, but I naively assumed that I would “catch up” with the other trainees, or there would be more training. I didn’t. There wasn’t. The trainers, for the most part, were good. The training program was lacking. Our group was ushered into customer service quickly, without much warning, and ill-prepared. Some struggled through, but most quit. Among those, a woman who had been an eighteen year customer service rep. She was the only one brave enough to ask the question we were all thinking, “Is this a new training program that the company is implementing?”

In order to suppress my laughter, I clicked my microphone off and laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Yes, it was that bad.

Thankfully, I no longer work there.


So why was quitting so difficult?


It was like an admission of failure. I hate failure. Guess what!?! I failed at that job. Miserably. It was awful. I had customers get rude with me, hang up on me, get very upset and start yelling. All of it could have been avoided if they had taught me how to do the job! That was the frustrating part. I knew I could do the work. I just needed more training. They even promised to run me through the training again. I asked if it would be the same training and they responded with, “Yes, of course!”   No thank you.


Can I just say……………….BLECH!?!?!?!?



Now on to good things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We’ve been rearranging and cleaning and doing a LOT of work around here! It’s beginning to take shape and I’m so glad to say we’ll have this place cleaned up and looking terrific for the holidays!


Sorting through craft stuff in my bedroom has been a little bit slower of a go than I originally thought, so I’m having to step up the pace, but it will be done in plenty of time for Christmas. I’ve wanted to get my bedroom in order for awhile now, but things kept cropping up!


We got a stove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanksgiving and Christmas mean a lot of cooking and a lot of cooking means putting that new stove to good use! I’m looking forward to making cut out sugar cookies, dipped pretzels, fudge………….all those wonderful things that taste so good, but are so difficult to get off of your hips later! LOL


Knitting and crochet………………I’ve been working on a mermaid tail blanket for my son’s girlfriend. dishcloths/dish towel sets for all the girls in the family, and my husband just asked me to make some socks for his size 16 wide feet! EEEP!!!!! I will make them, but I’m a little bit worried about it. I don’t know how to figure sizing. I guess I will get a crash course in it!

I’ve also joined a MKAL! (mystery knit along) I can’t wait to see what it is!!! I’ve got a feeling it’s a cowl or a scarf. They said it was supposed to keep your head/neck warm. I don’t know, but I have some beautiful yarn just itching to be worked up into something pretty!


I also signed up for Yarn Box. They have 3 different options and I chose the sock box. I love making socks. So simple, yet so fun to knit! I have never joined anything like that. I’ve always just bought what I needed. The thought of yarn being delivered to my door, all squishy and pretty and ready to be knit up, is almost more than this knitter can stand! I cannot wait for my first box to arrive!!!!


I hate to go, but my fur baby has an appointment to get a hair trim. I will do my best to blog more than I have been. Now that I’m not working, it should be easier!


Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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