The tree is up and decorated! My sweet daughter did it for us this year. I’m thrilled to say it’s beautiful and such a wonderful treat to sit and look at it in the evening! It’s nice to have my knitting out and glance up every once in awhile and see the lights glowing.

Lots going on around the house! The mermaid tail blanket is DONE and I’m so thrilled! It was a fairly straightforward pattern, if you knew what to do with crocheting. I, however, am a knitter primarily and so it was a bit of a challenge for me. My friend helped me with it and I am soo grateful for her help! I managed to get it all finished up and it’s ready to go to its intended recipient. If you decide to do this pattern, there is a video on the webpage I linked to above and it shows you how to do it, step by step.

I also have cast on the Ribelation hat. It’s my next gift to knit up. I had thought about making a bunch of these for the guys on my list, but I’ll have to see how long it takes! It looks like a pretty quick knit, so I’m hoping it will work out.

My husband has asked me to knit him some socks. He has size 16 feet, y’all!!! I’m so tempted to buy him some wool socks, but I know he wants them to be hand knit. I’ll probably do them after the holidays though. So much knitting to get them done! I’m thinking of going with fisherman’s wool, but haven’t decided on a pattern. I’m also not sure if I can actually knit them with wool. I do have allergic reactions to wool sometimes, so I’ll have to be careful what I use.

The holidays………… seems that there is always something to contend with every year. This year is proving to be no exception. While I always hope that everyone will get along and there won’t be fighting, something usually happens. I’ve smiled through most of the junk, but to be honest……………..I’m really hurt. I fluctuate between hurt and angry and retreating from the persons involved. I just love Christmas and I hate it that there’s tension around the holidays. My heart is splintered, but I refuse to let it get me down. Next time I might have a different attitude. My desire is to please the Lord and keep my chin up.

The majority of the cookie/candy making supplies have been purchased and we will be in full on Christmas baking and candy making mode this week and weekend. I’m anxious to get a lot done and we will be doing tons of it throughout the next couple of days.

In order to continue on my weight loss journey, we will be bagging up goodies and sending them out the door almost as quickly as we finish them! I’ve already gained back some of the weight I had lost, so I need to get back on the weight loss band wagon. I’ve been somewhat better about going to the gym. I’m anxious to lose some of the holiday weight I’ve already gained over Thanksgiving.

Think I’ll slip into some jammies tonight and watch a movie with my family. I may even break out some knitting! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. If you’re having a tough time emotionally with things, please know you are not alone! I understand and I know it isn’t easy sometimes. I’ve been battling a lot of “stuff” that has come my way. Know that I am praying for you. I may not know you, but God does. ((((Great big hugs))))





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