Things don’t always work out the way we plan….

What a roller coaster ride it’s been since I last updated! With multiple projects facing me and a ever-looming deadline, I started working as hard as I could on knit items. I finished the mermaid tail blanket and started and finished a knit hat. (the Ribelation) I did pretty good with it and was rushing to start another when it happened.

My arm started hurting like crazy. I couldn’t lift an empty coffee cup. My whole forearm hurt so bad I could have cried. It was awful. The only thing I’ve been able to do is pamper my way through it. I had to baby it along. I couldn’t even stand the pressure of having my coat sleeve rest on it while wearing my winter coat. I messed it up good, I guess.

After a week and a half of severe pain and not knitting at all, I was finally able to pick up my needles again last night. I have started another dishcloth as a gift and I will start and finish another hat. I have to do it when dh is gone to work though as it’s for him. Shhh……mum’s the word!

I’ve been trying to feel well enough to make candy and cookies. The kids are getting homemade candy in their stockings this year. I just can’t afford the store bought stuff and I have TONS of candy making supplies and cookie making ingredients. Homemade is always better in my opinion, anyway!

Between resting my arm and not doing much of anything, I’ve been watching a TON of knitting podcasts! There are so many wonderful ones out there!

Some that I enjoy are:


Those are just a few of the ones that I watch. I will post others later, but those will get you started, if you want to sit and watch some. I have had plenty of time to sit and watch them while my arm has been healing and I have been bitten by project bug again! So many neat ideas in their videos and just so much encouragement from these talented ladies. Please check them out!

My family could quite possibly think they’re not going to eat tonight. I should probably get up and fix dinner. Hope to update more later or possibly tomorrow.

It’s almost Christmas, everyone!  Hope you’re having a wonderful day/evening!


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