The aftermath…

Christmas and presents and food and candy…….it’s all come and gone. We had a lovely holiday with the kids. We all visited and ate and had a wonderful time together.  I love it when the kids all get together and talk and visit. Hearing them laugh and cut up like they did when they were little makes me smile.

When the wrapping paper and boxes were all throw away, the candy and food had all been eaten…………and the kids had gone back to their places…………..we rested. They came over Christmas Eve and left that night. We got up late Christmas day, held our mugs of coffee and tried to brush the sleep out of our eyes. After two cups of coffee, I was ready to function. We had a few gifts that we opened and then we ate. Mostly, we rested all day.

I wasn’t able to make my husband a hat after all. My arm refused to cooperate and I just couldn’t do it. He later told me he didn’t really want another hat. I’m not sure what he wants instead. We’ll see. He has asked for a pair of socks, but honestly………I haven’t finished my own up! I’m having second sock syndrome and need to get busy working on it!

Last night I realized that I have to get busy on all of these projects I have sitting in bags all over my office/craft room. I’ve got them everywhere! I need to get them finished. So that’s my goal, once I’m able to actually knit again. I can probably crochet, so I’ll probably finish a granny square afghan and start another. I’ve been meaning to do a couple, anyway. I am hoping to have everything done by mid March. We’ll see how it goes. I’m thinking next year I will do my best to have everything off of my needles in December, so I can start 2018 fresh. I am not happy about having tons of projects on the needles this year. We’ll see how it goes.

Hope everyone is doing well with their projects! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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