The best laid plans of mice and men

The flu hit our house, fast and furious. We are so glad it’s finally gone! I’m hoping it doesn’t try to strike again. We’ve done a whole lot of nothing for the last several weeks! It’s good to finally feel well enough to get up and do something!

The hat I was trying to finish in the last post is finally done. I did indeed finish most of the projects in the bags I had laying around. I also managed to get my granny square afghan started. I have over 20 squares crocheted with the ends woven in! I have several more to do, but I have an excellent start and I’m sure it’s going to take quite awhile to finish it. I also have an order for another granny square blanket, so I will be picking up some yarn to get it started once this one is done.

Here are some pics of the squares I have already finished:


I was so pleased to have some many ready to put together. Not all of the ones shown were created by me. Some of them were made by another lady, but sadly she passed away before they could be finished. I’m making the afghan as a gift to her family members.









Here are some other of the other WIP’s  I had that I finally finished:


The hat (above) that took me forever to finish

Some beautiful socks I finished and finally the Highlighter dishcloth. The colors match the highlighters I used in my Bible! Too cool!


The mermaid blanket I made for my son’s girlfriend! It was finished and ready to give at Christmas! She loved it!

These were my Christmas gifts to me:








Aren’t they lovely!?!  I can’t wait to make something beautiful out of them! In the second photo, the two skeins on the right are the color way “Sunflower” by Frolicking Feet in a 100% merino base. I am making my daughter a shawl with them. I cannot wait to get started on it! She mentioned how lovely she thought the colors were, so I purchased it. She was very surprised when it came in the mail. I just need to find the right pattern to go with it and I will cast it on my needles!

Happy knitting!



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